setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() { @Override public void onClick(View v) { updateViewPager(); } }); } private void updateViewPager() { data updating library. Columns[ Title ] }; ResetCourse(course, settings. ) Dim row As DataRow For Each row In categoryTable updating library. You must explicitly set the commands before calling Update. However, I m having a hard time figuring out how to update the ViewPager with a new set of Views.

By setting the UpdatedRowSource property to one of the UpdateRowSource enumeration values, you can control whether output parameters returned by the DataAdapter commands are ignored or applied to the changed row in the DataSet. If Update is called and the appropriate command does not exist for a particular update (for example, no DeleteCommand for deleted rows), an exception is thrown. Notice that the parameter specified in the WHERE clause of the UPDATE statement is set to use the Original value of the SourceColumn. remove(position); view = null; } Then once by overriding the notifyDataSetChanged method you can refresh the views. However, they will now be refreshed and you will see the new data - your users won t know the page was ever incorrect because this refreshing will happen before they see the page.

– user1545072 Jan 30 13 at 16:22 7 . I ve checked it out: just POSITION_NONE is not enough. ..

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